The Economic Operators Registration and Identification system EORI

As of September 15, 2020, all economic entities, who communicate with the customs administrations of the EU Member States must be assigned an EORI number and this number must be used in any communication with the customs authorities. This applies to right holders as well as to their legal representatives, and in connection with customs applications for action this number must be used from now on, be it new applications or extending the already valid ones.
In the Slovak Republic, the registration body for the EORI number is the Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic. The EORI number is a maximum 17-character alphanumeric code. The initial letters are the code of the EU Member State in which the entity is registered. In the case of Slovak entities, it is the code "SK".

We are glad to announce that inventa has succesfully completed the registration process and thus continues to be fully entitled to communicate with Customs authorities in Slovakia on behalf of our clients.